St. Louis Pharmacy Technician License & Certification Program

Pharmacy Tech Training

This is one of the fastest growing careers in the medical community. Pharmacy Technicians are needed in both the retail and hospital settings. They may perform many of the same duties as the pharmacist; however, all of the technicians work must be checked by the pharmacist before medication can be dispensed to the patient. As this field grows, pharmacy technicians are assuming more responsibility for routine tasks, previously performed by pharmacists. The duties of the pharmacy technician vary between retail and hospital settings.

This program is offered at the Earth City campus.

"I have never enjoyed learning until I enrolled in Midwest Institute's Pharmacy Technician program. I look forward to class everyday."
-Vickie Bach

Information About Our Pharmacy Technician College

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Disclosures for the Pharmacy Technician Program

See our Pharmacy Technician students in action!
See our Pharmacy Technician students in action!