Medical Massage Therapy Degree in St. Louis

Medical Massage Therapy Certification

This program combines the Massage Therapy courses and the Medical Assisting courses to create an Associate Degree.  As Massage Therapy has become accepted more and more as a medical practice employers have expressed the desire to have more multi-skilled and versatile personnel and are recommending that existing personnel expand their current skills.  Our graduates will not only be equipped to function as a skilled medical assistant but will also be a licensed massage therapist.  By joining these two career paths, graduates will be able to choose from the many avenues this program will provide.  Through this program they will gain adaptability and knowledge on so many levels that will be beneficial to employers as well as their personal success.

The Best Medical Massage Therapist Training Program in St. Louis!

Graduates will be able to work in a medical office, clinic, hospital, health club, spa, nursing home, chiropractors' office or have a private practice.

Having a degree in today's job market makes a person more valuable and displays the dedication to expand your skills and knowledge.

This program is offered at Earth City campus.

All students of this program will be prepared for and sit for the National Certification Examination.


Disclosures for the Medical Massage Science AOS Program