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Why Should You Train to be a Medical Assistant in the St. Louis Area?

Looking for a fulfilling way to make money while you help people? Do you want a job that you look forward to every day? Medical assisting is a fast-growing, deeply satisfying career. Medical assistants work alongside doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in providing quality medical care to patients. Your journey to becoming a medical assistant starts with Midwest Institute's institutionally accredited Medical Assisting program in St. Louis, Missouri. Here, you will learn everything it takes to start a new and exciting career as a valuable part of a medical team.

Whether you're thinking of changing career tracks, need new skills to make better money, or want to work in a field that brings high satisfaction rates, Midwest Institute has the solution.

High Demand for Medical Assistants in St. Louis and Beyond

The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks medical assisting as one of the most in-demand careers across the country. As the Baby Boom generation ages, doctors' offices and clinics will require a larger number of competent medical assistants to keep up with demand. The need for MAs will generate a 24 percent rate of growth through 2024, which is far faster than average for all occupations.

Medical Assistant Training at Both Midwest Institute St. Louis Campuses

Midwest Institute operates two campuses in the St. Louis area: the Fenton Campus and the Earth City Campus. The Medical Assistant training program is offered at both campuses in an effort to accommodate students from various parts of the metropolitan area.

You may qualify for financial aid or a scholarship to help defray the cost of tuition! 

Watch Our Video to Learn More about Medical Assistant Training at Midwest Institute

Transcription: My name is Shanese, and I'm here for medical assisting here at Midwest Institute. I chose Midwest Institute for the simple fact the classes are smaller, and it's more hands on. And with the classes being smaller, the teacher has more time to deal with me personally. So the teacher can make sure that you have the information that you need in order to pass whatever test you need to pass. I would recommend Midwest Institute to anyone. They have different programs here, and it can get you further in life and further your education.

Medical Assisting Program – Accreditation Information

Our staff of professional teachers works hard to help each student learn the skills they need to become highly employable. We have been training Medical Assistants for over 40 years, and we have developed established and well-respected relationships with the St. Louis-area medical community. MI graduates have high graduation and placement rates because employers seek out those who have been trained in our MA program.

Midwest Institute's Medical Assisting program is institutionally accredited by ABHES. Graduates of Midwest Institute's Medical Assisting program are eligible for—and encouraged to take—the American Medical Technologists (AMT) Certification Exam to obtain the credential of RMA. AMT exams are recognized on a national level.

Ready to Start Training as a Medical Assistant?

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The Medical Assisting program is offered at both the Fenton and Earth City campuses.

If you have any questions just contact us, and one of our knowledgeable Admissions Counselors will contact you promptly to assist you.

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