St. Louis HVAC/R Specialist Degree Program

Midwest Institute's HVAC/R Specialist Degree

The need for skilled HVAC/R specialists is in great demand. The demand in service increases each day as our population grows and stock of buildings rises. The necessity for skilled specialists for new construction, installation and repair, and service to existing equipment will continue to rise. The increased complexity of HVAC/R systems, which increases the possibility that equipment may malfunction, also will create job opportunities for HVAC/R specialists.

According to the Department of Labor Statistics, growing number of retirements of highly skilled technicians are expected to generate many more job openings. Many contractors have reported problems finding enough workers to meet the demand for service and installation of HVAC/R systems. Midwest Institute has developed the curriculum to support the knowledge and skills needed for our graduates to be in demand for this market.

This program is offered at the Earth City campus and coming soon to our Fenton campus.

Students who complete this degree will have the advantage of advanced education in both residential and commercial systems. 

This degree will allow for entry into areas of the field that require a higher level of education. Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge of both residential and commercial units and equipment. They will have the opportunity to be introduced to areas that will bring more specialized work and better pay.

Graduates will be trained in the following:

  • sheet metal
  • all forms of control systems analog, digital and computer control
  • thorough understanding of components and wiring diagrams
  • blue print reading
  • commercial kitchen equipment.
"Anyone who likes hands on training would love Midwest Institute's AOS HVAC/R Specialist program."
-Jacob Bertram

This could be the career for you!

Click here to see our HVACR Specialist students in action!

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See our HVACR Specialist students in action!
See our HVACR Specialist students in action!