Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory Pt. 3

We are back with 4 more ways to improve your memory by hacking the way that you study.  We have searched the internet and drained our brains for the best study hacks to help you remember information more quickly and easily. Check out study hacks # 10 - 13- This may ultimately help you do better in your exams:

#10: Practice Makes Perfect!

Practicing sample answers to past exams questions might help you better retrieve information from your brain. Get creative and make your own realistic, exam like condition and test your understanding! There are sites availble through a simple google search that will help you with a quiz like set up of the material you are learning. (Don't forget to refer to Study Hack # 7 which shows you how to search google like a pro!)


#11: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz <----- Thats right SLEEP!

Do not stay up all night the night before an exam. Your body needs adequate rest the nights leading up to your exam also. When you are asleep, your brain analyzes the information you learned when studying and stores it so that you can more easily retrieve it when needed.


Studying in a group can help you collect different insights to enhance the way you learn.

#13 Try Something New!

Trying new methods of studying can help you find what really works for you. Utilize technology to your advantage by watching documentaries over the material you are currently learning.  Grab some useful apps. Flappy Bird is awesome, however dictionary apps may be more beneficial to your study goals.


Whatever it is that you decide to do to enhance your study sessions, do not forget to breathe and break as we covered previously....Watch your study habits soar!

Go ahead and try these today!  Check back next week for Part 4 ( #13- #20)

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