Half Full: Thinking Your Way to Optimism

There has been much research that suggest that people with a "glass half full" outlook are healthier than their pessimistic counterparts. These people are less likely to become ill, and they even live longer. Although optimism is not something that we are born with, it is something that we can all learn. Here are 8 ways to exercise optimism, especially during this holiday season, where everything that can go wrong.....will _________! <-------- if you filled in the blank with "not", you are halfway there already.

Step 1:  Turn your Disasters into works of art.


Acknowledging that current situations, missed opportunities, lack of fulfillment, and challenges do not last forever. Allowing yourself to think that all things have the potential to stay as good as they are or improve is a big step in setting the ambiance for your optimism.....You can apply this type of thinking to virtually any setback to boost your outlook.

Step 2: Take control of your situations.

Bad luck is not real, but pessimism is, therefore thinking that you have really bad luck when it comes to certain situation is not realistic. Aim for balance between accepting responsibility for some of your bad circumstances and take the action needed to turn bad to good! If something is beyond your control, don't spend your time exploring the why's and why not's, simply let that situation be, so that you are in a position to be receptive of a different situation that is good and healthy for you. 

Step 3: Stay away from the things/people that get you down.


Ever been having a really good day, but the minute you cross paths with a person who is in a funk, your good day starts to develop rain clouds. To avoid the cloudy with a chance of showers forecast, left by negative people...... open up your umbrella of deflection and dodge that negative energy. When you surround yourself with positive, supportive people, their optimism and positivity tends to manifest itself in your forecast as well. Choosing your own weather is a privelege you get as a human being.....utilize it. 

Step 4: If it feels good-Go for it!

When you are feeling positive, be sure to pay attention to the circumstances that unveiled that good energy. Was it a song, a gift, a person..... Try to tune in to what you are feeling and how you are thinking in those positive moments so that you can navigate your way back to them or create moments in the likeness. Keeping those positive experiences at the forefront of your memory will help you to better utilize them when you are feeling down. 

Step 5: Reward Yourself!

Have you been working extra hard? Shopping for the holidays done? Reward yourself with a treat at the end of goals that have been met. Having something to look forward to creates optimism so always treat yourself..... and keep your rewards between you, yourself and you.......

Step 6: Converse, Converse and Converse More!

Small talk is good for social connections but its the deep conversations that contribute to an overall sense of well-being, so reach out to someone you are comfortable with and engage in real conversation. 

Step 7: Did we say the glass is half full? 

Look at the glass filled to the halfway mark...... envision this glass as half full rather than half empty......there is enough in the glass and room for more if you want, but hey, some are content with the cup not "runnething" over.....besides what is better a glass half full of the good stuff or a glass overflowing creating a mess that you have to soak up? 

Step 8:  Don't Worry ....... Be Happy! 

Most people compare themselves to others with more or less, on a dialy basis. This is the formula for envy, pessimism and even a bit of arrogance. When you are looking for a light in your situation, try remembering that things could be worse. Try this little experiment....... Pick one of the following sentences to complete: 

a.  "I wish I were a __________________________."

b. "Im glad i'm not a ___________________________." 

Which one did you choose, and what did you say. What is your sense of life satisfaction, becuase research shows that people who choose to complete the "I'm glad, I'm not a____________" sentence feel significantly more optomistic that they originally had! 


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