The Big Day: Preparing for Your Interview

So you have filled out all of the applications and submitted them to potential employers. You have waited and waited......... and waited some more, and someone finally calls you back and says that they would like for you to come in for an interview. In the most professional way, you thank the potential employer for the opportunity and you set up your time to meet with them. You hang up, yell to the top of your lungs and even do a little happy dance..... like this one: 

Now its time to prepare for your big day! But how? You ask yourself: 

What questions are they going to ask? 

What will I wear? 

How should I wear my hair/makeup/beard? 

Will I get the job? 

Let's focus on the real deal..... Your job now, is to convince a recruiter, hiring manager or human resources person that you have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience for the job.  You have to show motivation. (Kind of like the happy dance, only with words). Check out this 7 step interview preparation plan that will definitley help you get the ball rolling towards your new job.

1. Research the organization: 

- This helps by giving you background on your interviewers company and it will also help you to develop a questions list for the dreaded "do you have any questions for me" end of interview question and will give you perspective into the employers industry standing. This will also ensure that you are not asking for information that can be found on the organization's website. 

2. Compare your skills and qualifications to the job requirements. 

- This should be done prior to applying for the position, but outlining your knowledge, skills and abilities will definetely have you better prepared to discuss why you are a great candidate for the position and give you an edge or preparing your responses to qualifying questions. 

3. Practice your "about me" response

- They are going to ask you to tell them about yourself so you might as well be prepared!

4. Plan your Outfit

- Go Neutral 

- Befriend your iron

- Dress to impress - if you are not sure what that means: Look Below :)


5. Plan what to Bring - use the list below to make sure you are not leaving anything and check it all off before you start your car.

- Resume - quality paper

- Notepad or professional binder and pen

- List of references

- Information you might need to complete an application 

- Portfolio / samples of your work

6. Pay Attention to Non Verbal Communication:

7. Follow Up!

Ask about the next steps (before you leave the interview)

- Get a thank you note

-  Send an email

 Whatever you do, be sure you thank your interviewer for the interview and their time and consideration before you leave their office and again within 24 hours.

Remember. These are just a few things to get you ready for your interview. Always use your best judgement and be on your most professional behavior at all times. 

Need skills to help you gain an interview to a wonderful career.