20 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory, Part 2

We are back with 4 more ways to improve your memory by hacking the way that you study.  We have searched the internet and drained our brains for the best study hacks to help you remember information more quickly and easily. Check out study hacks # 6 - 9 - This may ultimately help you do better in your exams: 

6. Turn up distractions before you study: When you are studying, silence is truly not golden. I am willing to bet that you have music playing right now. Is it Drake, Mumford and Sons, DatPiff, maybe the Beatles? Whatever your preference, I'm sure you love listening to your favorite artist. Previous research has found numerous benefits to listening to music before performing a task - it improves attention, memory, and even mental math ability. It has also been found to alleviate depression and anxiety. This is helpful prior to studying, during actual study or test taking time, you might want to turn down a touch. 

7. GOOGLE IT !: Save time when researching online sources by becoming a pro at using the largest search engine in the world; GOOGLE!!!


8. B.R.E.A.K -  Marathon study sessions lasting hours on end are usually done with the best of intentions. The problem is although very informative, marathon study is not very effective. Why? Because, after a while your mind will start on wander, and a wandering mind, cannot focus. So give your brain a breather! For every 50 minutes of study, take a 10 minute break. Midwest Institute incorporates this into the daily schedules of our students. We work for 50 break for 10. During your 10 minute break, grab a cup of java, take a walk or sit outside, read a few pages of a magazine, get up out of your seat and leave the room whenever possible. 

9.  Flash Cards: For most of us, studying with flashcards is a great way to study: Here are some tips for memorizing quickly and effectively:

  • Each card should only have 1 question and 1 answer
  • When studying or in class, if there is a subject you dont know, make a flashcard
  • Keep your flashcards in your pocket or purse at all times
  • Set a review goal i.e 3 times per day
  • Set aside the cards you know ONLY after you can answer them correctly after a night of sleep. 


Go ahead and try these today!  Check back later this week for Part 2 ( #10 - #15)


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