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Your Journey to a Career in Allied Health

Rachel Woods didn’t have the resources--or the time--to invest 8+ years in an advanced medical degree.

A mother of 3, she was already “in the trenches” of real life struggling to make ends’ meet when she decided she had to make a change.

“I just got tired of bouncing around from food service jobs to retail jobs,” she says. “Everything was a dead end.”

That was despite having graduated with an associates degree in social work from Southwestern Illinois College.

Job Training vs. College Degree: Which One Is Right for Me?

When getting ready to graduate high school or leave military duty, you are faced with the difficult decision regarding what to do next. Your parents may be pushing you to go to college, but that isn’t your only option when it comes to higher education. A four-year undergraduate program at a university will earn you a bachelor’s degree, but if you are interested in a career that doesn’t require one, you may be able to go to a trade school and earn an associate’s degree or get a certification that allows you to start working sooner.