Midwest Institute's Admissions Policies

Midwest Institute is student centered. Our career training programs emphasize personal development as well as career development.

We care about your future.

Midwest Institute seeks students who have a sincere interest in the medical, heating and cooling (HVAC and HVACR), veterinary and dental assisting fields. Your interest, motivation and commitment are a few of the factors measured when considering your acceptance to a program.

Our Admissions counselors carefully determine how you will benefit from the career path you have chosen. Taking the first step is always the most difficult. We understand what it takes to begin a new career. We are here to encourage and support you from the first day of class through your first day on the job!

Reasonable Accommodations Policy: Individuals with Disabilities

 Midwest Institute does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of mental or physical disability. Full commitment is given to providing reasonable accommodations. This may include appropriate auxiliary aids and services, to qualified individuals with a disability, unless providing such accommodations would result in an undue burden or fundamentally alter the nature of the program, benefit or service provided by Midwest Institute. To request an auxiliary aid or service please contact the Director of Education at your chosen location. Individuals requesting an auxiliary aid or service, must complete an Accommodations Request Form 6 weeks before the start of the program or as soon as practicable. Accommodations must be reasonable and supported by appropriate documentation. For complete procedures contact the Director of Education at your chosen campus.

Transfer of Credits

Credits do not transfer towards certificate programs. Midwest Institute will consider credit from other institutions accredited by an agency recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE) or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Students that are currently enrolled in a certificate program at Midwest Institute may transfer approved credits to a degree program. Students who transfer in from another school must have transcripts sent directly to Midwest Institute from their previous college. After those transcripts are evaluated the student may be accepted into a degree program and approved credits may be transferred. Transfer in students must complete a minimum of 33 semester credits with Midwest Institute in order to receive an associate degree. AOS HVAC/R Specialist requires a minimum of 37 semester credits.

Placement Assistance

Midwest Institute has over forty eight years of educational experience and enjoys great success in placing its graduates in their chosen careers. Graduates will be assisted in securing interviews with prospective employers, assisted with preparing resumes and provided references for out-of-town employment. They are counseled in dress, appearance and decorum before being scheduled for an interview. Assistance is not only available for students at graduation, but any time after graduation. Midwest Institute cannot guarantee placement.

Midwest Institute Misrepresentation Policy

Midwest Institute has procedures in place to ensure it does not misrepresent the nature of its educational programs. Every effort is made to assure that Midwest Institute does not provide false or misleading statements concerning its programs or any other related information.

The Director of Education and the Campus Director review all program information on a regular basis. This information is located on the school website and in the Catalog. Updates are done as regulations require or as changes may occur.

Admissions works with the Director and Director of Education to understand all disclosures pertaining to Midwest Institute programs.  It is a priority of Midwest Institute’s Admissions department to give current and accurate information to all prospective and current students.

The Director of Education manages and monitors the instructors. This includes ensuring all program information is delivered appropriately.